Month: July 2014

Tin Can Gin Wows Fans At Glensheen’s Concert On The Pier

Last night I heard Tin Can Gin perform on the pier at Glensheen Mansion. Had I been wearing socks, they would have been blown off. Having never heard the band before, I was initially just excited to be a part

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What Makes Duluth A Happy City?

In an article shared by our friends at Perfect Duluth Day, it has been determined that Duluth is among one of the happiest places in the U.S. Myself having drank of the Zenith City Kool-Aid – brewed with Duluth water –

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Duluth On July 25th & 26th: Events, Music, And Beer!

  A few times a week I head to the Perfect Duluth Day calendar – I really should have it bookmarked – to check out what’s going on in and around the city. I love seeing all of the activity

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Film Makers Explore Duluth’s Pretty & Gritty Locations

The film industry in Duluth, MN is positively buzzing with activity! Over the weekend of the Duluth Superior Film Festival, I tagged along with actors and film makers on Duluth’s Pretty and Gritty tour, designed to show a different side of

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