Destination Duluth’s Top 5 Must-See Outdoor Stops

This weekend is the much-anticipated arrival of Tall Ships to the Duluth Port! After you’ve visited the Tall Ships and want to get away from the crowds and traffic, these are our 5 top places to explore. All are on Duluth’s Skyline Parkway. The 25 mile scenic drive stretches from Spirit Mountain to Brighton Beach. For a fantastic interactive map of the parkway, go to Skyline Parkway-Self-guided tour. Each of our top 5 stops are listed on the map, starting from the south and going north.

1. Spirit Mountain – Adventure Park

Spirit Mtn Alpine Adventure S081110-053

Photo – Used with permission

Spend 2-4 hours to experience the Spirit Mtn Adventure Park’s Alpine Coaster, Zip Line, Mountain Biking, hiking and more. BONUS – Spirit Mountain has the best view of the western waterfront, St. Louis River corridor.

After Spirit Mountain, follow Skyline Parkway north. Be sure to stop at a few of the many scenic overlooks along the way, until you arrive at

2. Enger Tower and Park


Photo © Dennis O’Hara. Used with permission

If you go nowhere else, go to Enger Tower and Park! The best view of the Aerial Lift Bridge is at the top of the 80 foot tall Tower. If you’re not up to climbing the 105 steps to the top, there is a handicap accessible overlook featuring a newly erected pavilion. Bring your camera, you’re going to need it.

3. Hawk Ridge

Photo © John Heino. Used with permission

The Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is open year-round to public for study and enjoyment. With over 4 miles of hiking trails, you can explore geology, flora, and wildlife. Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory staff conduct bird research and provide public education during fall season.

4. Seven Bridges Road

Bridge 4

Photo © Dennis O’Hara. Used with permission.

The Seven Bridges Road is a four mile section of Skyline Parkway on the east end of Duluth, Minnesota, where the Parkway follows Amity Creek from the top of the bluffs down to Lake Superior. This 400 foot drop is essentially one long cascade of waterfalls. The Seven Bridges Road is open to both vehicles and pedestrians.

5. Brighton Beach

Photo © Mary Lou Williams. Used with permission.

Located in East Duluth, Brighton Beach features many areas for having a picnic and grilling – while enjoying stunning views of Lake Superior. The northern end features trails that follow along the shoreline. Brighton Beach is connected to the Lakewalk.




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13 comments on “Destination Duluth’s Top 5 Must-See Outdoor Stops
  1. Randy K Jensen says:

    I grew up in Duluth And have the Fondest Memories of any kid growing up including tree climbing fog horns and sledding down hills at chester park

  2. Nancy says:

    Can’t wait to get there, this will be my first trip to Duluth.

    • jerry says:

      Nancy, Thank you for the comment and welcome! Please comment again if you get to any of the 5 while you’re here sharing your thoughts on your Duluth experience.

  3. Tom Fairchild says:

    we spent many hours in these places when I was a teenager in the 50;s.

  4. Duluth attractions are some of the most highly searched destinations on the Visit Minnesota website. I will be back in Duluth in a couple of more weeks to get some new photos and ideas to add to the site.

  5. Judy Gerling says:

    I grew up on Skyline Parkway. It was beautiful always and fun. Occasionally, a little worrisome trying to navigate downhill after a big snow.

  6. Susan Campbell Hessevick says:

    Tom Fairchild,
    Are you Ethel’s son?

  7. Kathy says:

    How long will the tall ships be in Duluth?

  8. Mari says:

    Thanks for this blog. We’re coming up to see the tall ships just a quick view. it’s nice to know some other things to see, i’ve not heard of most of these.

  9. Jacqueline says:

    I would love to see some pictures of the old Central high school on central Ave. I grew up in Duluth and have managed to visit every year. Was in the last class to graduate there. The north country will always be in my heart.

  10. Reva Mette says:

    Is there a map of these destinations mapped out?

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