Relocating To Duluth? Read This First.


Ingrid: Blogger & Content Manager

If you’ve been keeping regular tabs on our website, you’ve noticed a sporadic blog post here and there since about March. That was me, trying to express my love of Duluth and excitement of my impending relocation from Minneapolis while also trying to sell my house, pack, and move. Too much! But before I get too deep into that story, let me introduce myself; I’m Ingrid, a freelance writer, and the blogger and content manager for the Destination Duluth website. My goal and intention is to provide a place to house stories about the town so those who dream of calling Duluth their home can get a feel for what it’s actually like to live here. I’ve taken on the lofty task of capturing the essence of Duluth with words – and I think I can do that, story by story. I’ll start with my own.

History with the Zenith City.

My husband, Aaron, grew up here and I went to college at UMD. Fate was what brought me here and it was that same force that brought me back to Duluth this second – and final – time. From family road trips along the North Shore to choosing Duluth as my college destination without any real rhyme or reason behind it, I have always felt a pull here, like I belong here. I had a good experience in high school, but I always felt so awkward. I came to Duluth by myself and finally felt at home. When I moved to Minneapolis, that same high school awkwardness came creeping back and, again, I started to feel like I was trying to fit in with the “cool kids”. I have nothing against Minneapolis, I just knew that wasn’t where I belonged.

What brought us away.

I moved to Minneapolis to follow my husband, then boyfriend. We always knew we eventually wanted to live in Duluth, but at the time we didn’t fully understand the opportunities we could discover here. So, we moved south for experience because that’s what everyone did. Since Duluth held our hearts, we got our engagement pictures taken up here, got married at Greysolon, and even honeymooned up the North Shore, just like my parents and Aaron’s parents did. However, through a series of actions that weren’t fully thought out, we both ended up with 9-5 jobs, a house, and got the kind of experience we could never pay for. Life experience. And I’m fully convinced that every moment spent in Minneapolis was designed to lead us back to Duluth and get us ready to contribute to the city we love.

What brought us back.

Now, as entrepreneurs, we’ve come back to Duluth to simply live. Aaron is at his old high school job as a white water rafting guide at Superior Whitewater and I’m focusing on writing. We’re content on living a life that’s not about consuming, but giving back and experiencing fully this gift that was given to us. And you know what? We’ve been here for a month and, though we are both working and renovating our house, it feels like we’re living in a perpetual state of vacation.

Life is meant to be lived in the moment. Go to the beach when it’s nice, go hiking when it’s not, and do your work with passion. It will all work out.

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3 comments on “Relocating To Duluth? Read This First.
  1. My son and I took a road trip to the state Minnesota in August of 2007 and on do Duluth, MN. When looking at the map I told my son “lets go see what this Duluth is all about here on the map by Lake Superior”. We did and it changed my “ours” lives forever. We had the sunroof of our car open and enjoyed the cooler air of the North. I will never forget the first time I crossed over the hill on I-35 North and saw the water, bridges, Lake Superior and the city. I was just in Ahhh. My son and I stayed at the Motel 6 on 27th avenue. We visited the Kitchi-Gammi Park at Brighton Beach the next day and we just could not believe the beauty of the lake.

    I feel in love with the city and the beauty of the North Shore right then. I called my wife that night from the beach and told her “you gotta see this place, it’s beautiful”. My son and I liked it so much that on our last day we had to go back to the Kitchi-Gammi Park at Brighton Beach one more time and finally left around 1:00 that afternoon. It was so hard to leave.

    I took my wife to Duluth the nest year and we took a vacation to Duluth for several years thereafter. I like Duluth so much that last August I took a distribution from my IRA to purchase a two bedroom condo Suite #1309 at the Suites Hotel at Waterfront Plaza. I have it currently enrolled in the hotel rental pool and it has been a great investment for me as the income is steady. We now come to visit Duluth three weeks a year. I would love to sell out everything here in Columbia, MO and make Duluth my permanent place to live. My wife does not want to leave Missouri so buying the condo there will keep me closer to the city I LOVE. Just as you say in your blog that you “felt you was drawn there”. The same has happened to me. I feel that that is where I want to live until I pass this life. I watch the visit Duluth webcam and the live streaming web cam of the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association daily and post photo’s that I capture on my computer of the ships coming in on my Facebook wall.

    In six years when we are planning on our retirement we am planning on staying there at our condo more often. I read your blog and felt your attraction to the city of Duluth. Just wanted to share this story with you.

    Click on the blue dates to the left side of our website listed above to view our experiences with Duluth and the North-lands.

    I voted many times for Duluth being the best outside city contest that was recently held. I was so glad Duluth won.

    You have a great weekend in Duluth, wish I was there.

    Louis A. Janssen
    1204 Charles St.
    Columbia, MO 65201

  2. Ross says:

    “Go to the beach when it’s nice, go hiking when it’s not, and do your work with passion. It will all work out.” I could not agree more! I have felt that since moving to Duluth one year ago I have been able to give the needed time, erroft, and dedication to my job while not missing out on the rest of our family life that is happening at the same time. Whether it is a shorter commute, less traffic, easier access to recreation, etc. There are only 24 hours in a day and all of the time saved has produced more smiles, healthier lifestyle and just more all around fun! Looking forward to following your experience here! RP

  3. Kyla Cruz says:

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