The Revival of West Duluth


If ever you were looking to get in on the ground floor of an up and coming neighborhood, now would be the time. And West Duluth would be the region.  But you better hurry! Businesses and homebuyers are going to be snatching up the commercial and residential real estate in the next couple of years, which means prices are eventually going to rise.

Before you raise a skeptical eyebrow at the once failing region, earlier in 2014 Mayor Don Ness announced a financial support plan for the revival of West Duluth. You can learn more about his vision here. This is a large region within Duluth Proper and consists of anything between Lake Avenue and down to the St. Louis River Corridor. With this new confidence in these addresses with a “W” in them, smart investors are going to take advantage of the following:

Affordable Housing

great-springFrom waterfront property to homes with a view, you can find that and everything in between in West Duluth. Here are some neighborhoods to check out:

  • Goat Hill will give you a view and walking access to Enger Tower Park and golf course.
  • Piedmont has world-class mountain biking trails included in the Duluth Traverse.
  • Lincoln Park gives you convenience to downtown West Duluth restaurants, bars, and shops.
  • Morgan Park has adorable bungalows and easy access to waterfront along the St. Louis River, which is also a great place to spend your weekends boating!


Entrepreneurs looking to open up shop are able to find affordable storefront locations all along the western blocks of Superior Street. You’ll join other successful businesses, such as:

  • Frost River Trading – An outfitter crafting their canvas and leather camping, hunting, and leisure designs all in house.
  • Bent Paddle Brewing – A craft brewery with a taproom you’ll find packed nearly every night of the week.
  • Lake Superior Brewing – Duluth’s long-standing craft brewery celebrating their 20th year this year.
  • Heritage Sports Center – Actually located a block off Superior Street, the Heritage Sports Center gives kids in the region a place to practice and play hockey.
  • Clyde Iron Works – Right next door to the Heritage Sports Center, Clyde is a popular restaurant converted from a steel mill.


Outdoor recreation extends far into west Duluth. The predictable waters of the St. Louis Bay provide opportunities for fishing, boating, kayaking, and canoeing. Trails connect to the network running through the rest of the city, and Spirit Mountain provides year-round fun.

Over the last ten years West Duluth has become a region to invest in. There’s a lot of pride about what’s going on here. So, if you turn your nose up at the possibility of putting roots down in the region, you might get some serious shade from those who call the area home. But that will only be right before we invite you out to change your mind with a beer. great-hero-cano

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3 comments on “The Revival of West Duluth
  1. Mike Casey says:

    Love the attention to the west side of town. Maybe you could consider adding other store front options such as Morgan Park’s building at 88th Ave w and Edward Street.
    Other places to eat include the Iron Mug in Morgan Park and Hugos in Gary and Tap a Keg across from the Zoo.
    There is much more to the western side of town then up to the Zoo. That’s barely half of it. Morgan Park to Fond du Lac has some great locations.

  2. Melissa Kohne says:

    Nice blog. Do you guys happen to have an RSS feed?

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